Permanent Employee – Illusion of Job Security

Permanent Employee – Illusion of Job Security

The Illusion has been shattered

Employees in the IT industry of India are going through what I would like to call a nightmare.

With the managements failing to produce Quarterly or Yearly results for the shareholders and disbanding projects and teams in the utter chaotic move.

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Infosys had some ugly spat coming to light between the board of directors and its founders recently.

Flipkart’s acquisition of Snapdeal was a total mess.

We had a tech Mahindra employee publishing the voice recordings of the HR manager while having discussions over his layoff.

I have some friends in HCl who haven’t received any appraisals in last 2 years.

Where is the glorious Indian IT Industry, the largest employers in the service sector?

What has gone wrong?

CISCO, Microsoft, Oracle, TCS, Infosys, Wipro and others, all are reducing the number of employees.

Indian IT Industry is contracting in terms of people employed.

Consolidation and Automation are the reason that is being published in media. Whether it’s actually happening across IT Industry or is just rumor mongering, only time will tell.


Permanent employment

In India, the employees have priorities in favor of permanent employment rather than contract employment. 

IT corporates also encourage the culture of creating different perks and benefits for permanent and contract employees.

Not so anymore I guess. Though the difference in salaries and other perks still favor the permanent employees, the perceived notion of having job security while being a permanent employee has been broken.

Even being a loyal and efficient employee in an organization for many years is not enough to make the employment secure.

Consolidation can eat up your position in a jiffy. One email is all that is needed to shatter the illusion.

To add to this mess is the lack of any credible and comprehensive data related to IT jobs in India.

Yes NASSCOM would always seem to have some figures for representation but not many have faith in data. Not me at least.



There are various reasons for this chaos. Some are the technological shift in skills, more applications being cloud oriented these days, Automation etc.

But Since when the IT Industry ceased to change itself with new tools and technologies overtaking the old ones, It was always there, the ever changing landscape of technology in today’s information age.

The need of the hour is for a deep introspect of what has really gone wrong. After all, a successful business is not always on a growth path, at times it takes a break from its journey to rethink recalibrate and relocate the focus to reach the main goal, which is being successful in the long run.

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