Enjoy Living a Simple Life

Enjoy Living a Simple Life

Living in an Offer Zone

Recently I have been very annoyed by these marketing calls. The likes of Credit cards, personals loans, property investments, Business schools advertising and what not.

Well from the owners perspective if I make 100 calls a day I likely to land 5-10 guys to fall into buying my product. It’s human nature, not all have the wise mind to say “NO”.

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Watch TV, see the billboards on highways and you’ll find all these lucrative seeming deals that convince you to fall for them.

Everyone is trying to woo you for your money. If you have a good credit score you get tons of lucrative offers for loans, credit cards etc.

Even in supermarkets, you can see marketing guys offering credit cards, credit membership, or any other monthly or quarterly plans for a certain amount of freebies if you sign up to purchase a fixed amount of goods over next few months. Did someone say Big Bazaar….!

In the super market, once I reached the checkout counter for billing, I had this miserable time resisting the membership discount offered by the girl at the counter. I pulled my credit card and payback membership card for reward points to pay the bill in full, yet she was trying to convince me to buy the membership for 2 quarters of goods worth a few thousand of rupees on which I was getting 20% discount.

Well, to be frank, it was a very good offer for a regular customer who buys all his groceries from Big Bazaar. But I am not a regular and I would have got stuck to spend that amount for next few months even though for 20 % discount. Of course, it must be having some magical “conditions apply” clauses that must benefit the super market or why else would she argue with me over the offer for 10 minutes in the busy day with many customers waiting for their turn.

May be I am more strong willed to be wooed too easily!

Similarly, for credit cards my phone rings and I politely say sorry, for other days when I’m not feeling to be polite enough, I just drop the call. I have 2 credit cards, one for the expenses and the other as a backup, just in case. Similarly, 2 bank accounts for the same reason as above. When my employer opened a 3rd account for salary credits, I closed an old bank account which I was not using much anyway.

Fewer credit cards and accounts mean less monthly statements to look into, fewer data to keep track of.

Less is more as they say. In today’s information age we are all surrounded by data, information and to an extent, it is much more than we can handle.



Emails, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Whats-app, almost all of us have accounts in these. Then you have all these paperwork related to various services properties, rent, electricity, water, car, Life Insurance, Motor Insurance and much more.

To be honest not all of us can deal with all of these by ourselves. I can because I’m not a regular user on Facebook, Whats-app, and Twitter regularly. I only actively participate in LinkedIn given my work profile is there.


I don’t use Facebook and Whats-app to socialize. I’m an old-school at that. If I want to talk to someone I prefer to give them a call or visit them personally. For rare video chats, Skype is enough.

There I don’t have to be constantly attached to my phone for Whats-app or Facebook update.

Therefore I save some time for the real work that needs attention. I manage most of my transactions online where possible to be independent.


As you would notice, you can earn more money with more effort, but time just flows away.

You need to make the best use of time as it is the most precious thing in your life.

Work hard to earn for your needs, spend time with family and friends, socialize with people, travel to places, and spend on life experiences, some entertainment, be religious (faith brings peace of mind) though you’re free not to be if you like) and most of all be humble.

Simplify Life. You’ll enjoy living.

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